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Parking – General Regulations

  1. Area of Authority. These rules and regulations shall govern the parking and operation of all motor vehicles on the campus.
  2. Time. These rules and regulations shall be in effect twenty-four hours daily throughout the year.
  3. Signage. Compliance with all official posted traffic control signs is required.
  4. Access and Parking Areas.
    • a) Access. Motor vehicle access to the campus shall be authorized only for vehicles showing or displaying a proper parking permit.
    • b) Parking. Parking is allowed in marked stalls only or in areas otherwise approved by the Chancellor.
    • c) Hours of Use. Parking on campus is made available daily from 5:00am – 11:00pm During campus curfew (11:00pm – 5:00am) all parking lots must be vacant of all motor vehicles.
    • d) Denial of Entry and/or Use. Access to the campus may be denied for any of the following reasons: Motor vehicles making excessive noise, vehicles causing a disruption to the College operations, and any other situations deemed not an official activity related to the College operations.
    • e) Special Event Access and/or Special Use. Any exemption(s) and/or special accommodation(s) related to this document may be provided by the Chancellor on a case-by-case basis for official special event access needs at the College.
  5. Vehicle Removal. Any motor vehicle may be removed from the College and stored by the tow company at the expense of the owner if it is in violation of these rules and regulations.
  6. Permit Validity Period.
    • a) Student parking permits shall be valid beginning 14 calendar days before the first instructional day of Fall Semester and expire on the first instructional day of the following Fall Semester.
    • b) Employee parking permits will be valid for a 3 year cycle duration. Permits can be reissued valid for the duration of employment at Leeward CC.
  7. Leeward CC may issue parking permits in reasonable relation to the number of parking spaces available. The Chancellor may adjust the ratio of parking permits to the number spaces available as the need arises without a public hearing.
  8. Contractors servicing Leeward CC may be allowed access and parking on the campus without a parking permit, provided the Contractor uses a vehicle clearly marked with the business name on the exterior of the vehicle. Contractors utilizing personally owned vehicles must check in with Security upon arrival.
  9. Enforcement. These rules and regulations shall be enforced by persons authorized by the Board or by the Chancellor for the purpose of issuing citations.
  10. The University of Hawaiʻi and Leeward Community College and employees of any of these entities shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage occasioned by fire, theft or other casualty to motor vehicles or any contents therein, per administrative rules. All owners and operators of motor vehicles parked or operated on campus shall assume all risks.
  11. Each owner and/or operator of a motor vehicle parked or operated on campus shall indemnify and save harmless the University of Hawaiʻi and Leeward Community College from and against all claims, demands, costs, and expenses whatsoever arising out of or in connection with parking or operation of such motor vehicle on campus.