Math Lab

The Math Lab’s mission is to help Leeward CC MATH and QM discipline students develop proficiency in mathematical procedures by providing guidance on routine homework problems. We make it a priority to maintain a nurturing environment for students to ask questions and to learn to do work. The following services are offered, free of charge, to help current students with their MATH or QM discipline coursework:

    • Tutoring for MATH and QM course homework
    • Loaning textbooks and calculators for same-day use
    • Providing computers and other learning tools

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Math Lab Job Opportunities
Interested in helping other students succeed in their MATH/QM courses?
Position openings are based on Math Lab needs and budgetary restrictions.

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Job Number: 11140-A2

Math Lab Resources

In-person tutoring is offered for Leeward CC MATH or QM discipline coursework to currently enrolled students, at no charge, on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Math Lab Tutors are able to assist with:

  • Routine computerized homework
  • Odd-numbered textbook problems
  • Study guides that are not graded
  • Other assignments with written instructor permission

To help us better serve you, please come in prepared with a textbook and any class notes.

Without written instructor directions to the contrary, the Math Lab Tutors are unable to assist students with:

  • Take-home exams or quizzes
  • Departmental or exit assessments
  • Graded or extra-credit projects
  • Bonus problems

Tutors are available circulating around the Math Lab assisting students or checking resources in/out at the Help Station. Math Lab staff is limited, so patience is needed and appreciated if all the tutors on duty are working with other students.

Budgetary and staffing constraints limit the Math Lab’s tutoring services to students currently enrolled in Leeward CC MATH and QM discipline courses this semester:

MATH 100
MATH 100c
MATH 103
MATH 111
MATH 112
MATH 115
MATH 135
MATH 140
MATH 140x
MATH 203
MATH 241
MATH 242
MATH 243
MATH 244
QM 107c

UH, and UHCC students interested in remote tutoring for subjects such as math, physics, and chemistry can try out the online tutoring service  Just log in to MyUH Services and click on or search for Online Tutoring.

Please Keep in Mind:
Most of the Math Lab Tutors are Leeward CC students who have done well in their MATH courses.  Like all other students, they can occasionally misread a problem or make an error in computations.  Not all tutors will be able to assist with upper-level calculus coursework.  Tutors may not be familiar with the content from courses that are not included in the STEM sequence. When in doubt, tutors will refer students to the appropriate instructor. The Math Lab appreciates patience and understanding under such circumstances.

Basic, scientific, and graphing calculators are available for Leeward CC MATH student for same day use.

The Math Lab carries the following calculator models that are used or required in current Leeward CC courses:

  • Basic (Casio  HS8VA)
  • Scientific (TI-30XIIS)
  • Graphing (TI-84)
  • TI-Nspire CAS

Please see a tutor to borrow a calculator.
A picture ID must be left with the Math Lab to borrow a current calculator model: NO ID — NO CALCULATOR. All calculators must be returned on the same day borrowed by the Math Lab’s closing time.

The Math Lab has a restricted number of other models for same-day loan to students who are not enrolled in a Leeward CC MATH course.  These calculators must be also checked in and out by a Math Lab staff member.  

19 computer stations are available for students to use for Leeward CC MATH and QM discipline courses and are located in the back room of the Math Lab.

There is no specific time limit restriction placed on the computer used in the Math Lab as long as students are working on Leeward CC MATH or QM discipline coursework. If there is a waitlist for seating in the Computer Lab, the Math Lab has no choice but to require students using computers to be actively working on MATH or QM coursework.

Math Lab Textbooks and Solution Manuals
Textbooks and solutions manuals currently used in Leeward CC MATH and QM discipline courses are available for students to borrow.
Current textbooks and solution manuals MAY NOT be taken home and must be returned on the day borrowed by the Math Lab’s closing time.

Reference textbooks (usually older editions) are also available for longer term student use as a course supplement or for self-study. These books are targeted to pre-algebra, algebra, MATH 103, pre-calculus, and calculus. These reference books may be taken home and used for students’ personal use for the entire semester.

Please see a tutor to check out current and reference textbooks/solution manuals.

All testing for math will be handled by the Leeward Campus Test Center:

Tools for Math Placement Test Review
Although the Math Lab does not provide active tutoring services for the placement testing, we do offer reference textbooks that students may borrow to self-study in refreshing their math skills.

The UH System and Leeward Community College offer several opportunities for students who want to prepare for the MATH portion of the placement test.  Each of these can be accessed from home:

  • ALEKS Assessment & Free Trial Practice Period: A limited 14-day free trial for any UHCC student. This program allows students to take a computerized assessment to help determine which areas/concepts they need to work on.  Based on the assessment, ALEKS will compose a study plan for each student to work on targeted problems.  Students can practice in the program for 2 weeks from the date of initial registration for no charge.  For registration directions, please contact Math Discipline Coordinator Eric Matsuoka at

Math Lab Policies and FAQs


If I am taking a MATH course from another college or university, am I still able to get help from the Math Lab?  What about tutoring for a course that uses math but isn’t a MATH or QM discipline course (i.e. PHYS, CHEM, BUSN)?
No. Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions, Math Lab tutoring services are reserved for students currently enrolled in a Leeward CC MATH/QM course only.

If I need help, how will I know who I can ask?
The Math Lab tutors, who are on duty, will be wearing name tags and carrying clipboards. These staff members will be circulating around the room or seated at the Help Station to answer student questions.

Do I need to make an appointment to see a math tutor?
No. Tutoring is done on a first-come-first-serve basis during posted hours.

Could I schedule a private tutoring session in the Math Lab?
No. Tutoring in the Math Lab is done strictly on a first-come-first-serve basis.  The Math Lab does not offer or fund private tutoring sessions.  Students must agree to and sign a private tutoring request form in the Math Lab, which will then be forwarded to the tutors by the Math Lab Manager.

Why do tutors help with some problems but not others?
Tutors regularly provide assistance with routine computerized homework and odd-numbered textbook problems.  In support of the UH Student Conduct Code, Math Lab tutors will decline to provide assistance to students working on quizzes, tests, examinations, etc. without specific written permission from instructors.  If there is any uncertainty as to whether assistance on a problem is allowed or not, tutors will refer students to their respective instructors.

How busy does it get?
The Math Lab can get quite busy at times. Each semester, there are over 2000 students taking Leeward CC MATH and QM courses.  In contrast, the Math Lab can seat around 50 students and there are generally one to three tutors on duty at a time. The tutors will try their best to divide their time evenly among the students who are studying in the Math Lab.  If the Math Lab is crowded and all the tutors are helping other students, patience and understanding are appreciated.

What should I bring with me to the Math Lab?
Students will be required to leave a valid ID to borrow a Math Lab calculator.  It is preferred that students bring their UH system ID to use Math Lab services.  In addition, it is important for those interested in receiving tutoring help to come in with questions ready, the course textbook, any notes from class, and a working pen or pencil.

I need to borrow a calculator, but I do not have a student ID card to leave behind. What can I do?
Leeward CC student ID cards are created and validated in the Learning Commons.  Hours and directions for student ID card processing are listed on the Student ID Card web page:

I am currently taking a Leeward CC MATH course that starts before the Math Lab opens or ends after the Math Lab closes.  May I come in during non-operational hours to borrow or return a calculator or textbook?  
No. All Math Lab resources must be checked in and out during posted Math Lab hours of operation. If a student needs to borrow a calculator for a quiz/exam, they should make arrangements with their designated instructor prior to testing date.

How do I submit a question, comment, or suggestion concerning the Math Lab?
The Math Lab Manager’s office is located in MS-205 and may be reached by calling (808) 455-0400 or emailing

General Policies

Cell Phone Policy
Everyone entering the Math Lab is expected to be courteous and responsible in the use of cell phones. Cell phones must be turned off or set to silent mode. All cell phone conversations, even short ones, are to be conducted outside

Individuals who repeatedly fail to practice cell phone etiquette will no longer be welcome to use Math Lab facilities.

Personal Electronics
Many MATH courses have multi-media educational materials.  The Math Lab welcomes the use of personal electronics for such materials provided students use headphones to prevent distractions to others.

Food and Drink
Light, neat, non-distracting snacks and covered beverages are allowed in the Math Lab. Items that might distract others in the Lab, such as those listed below, must be enjoyed outside.

No messy or greasy food items
No full meals (plate lunch, bento, etc)
No distracting foods (noisy, aromatic, etc)
After enjoying a snack or beverage, students are expected to clean their areas.

The Math Lab is a working lab so ongoing and active tutoring and discussion of MATH and QM  topics, procedures, and problems are expected. Discussion of other topics should be kept quiet and brief to help to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the study and learning of mathematics. Loud or distracting conversations must be held outside. Any extreme behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate removal from the Math Lab.

Other Expectations
Scratch paper is available for students working on their Leeward CC MATH or QM coursework; however, students are expected to bring in their own writing instrument. Students needing a pencil should visit the Leeward CC Bookstore, which sells supplies in its vending machines.

The Math Lab is a designated learning facility; therefore, students are expected to dress appropriately. In addition, the Math Lab is air conditioned and can get quite cold so students should plan to dress accordingly.

Policy on Smoking
In accordance with the State’s No Smoking Act, Act 108, SLH 1976 and Act 245, SLH 1987, and University policy, smoking is prohibited in any of the classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, and other covered structures of the College.

Additional restrictions can be found online at

Contact Info

Location: MS 204

Hours of Operation

Summer 2024 (May 20 – August 9)
Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 1:00PM
CLOSED on non-instructional days including weekends and state holidays

Math Lab Manager
Office: MS 205
Office Phone: (808) 455-0400