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The Children’s Center At Leeward

The Leeward CC Children’s Center provides quality early childhood care and education services for preschool children (3, 4, and 5 year-olds) during the fall and spring semesters. Priority for enrollment is given to Leeward CC students, faculty, and staff. Full week and part week schedules are offered. Tuition includes breakfast, and a morning and afternoon snack (suspended during the pandemic). A half-day summer program is offered if there is sufficient demand.

The Children’s Center is licensed by the state of Hawai‘i and serves as laboratory for the Honolulu Community College Early Childhood Program.

For further information call (808) 455-0488 (late August to mid-May) or (808) 845-9466 (mid-May to late August).

About The Center
The Leeward Community College Children’s Center was started in 1994 as a joint program of Honolulu Community College and Leeward Community College. Its mission is to provide care and education for the children of Leeward Community College students, faculty and staff and to provide practical experience for Honolulu Community College students studying to become early childhood educators.

The center serves up to nineteen preschoolers three to five-years of age. The program operates from 7:45-3:15 Monday through Friday during the college’s fall and spring semester. A half-day (8:30-12:30) summer program is often offered during the first summer school session if there is demand.

The Children’s Center Details

How to Enroll

Complete our application form and return it to the center. Please visit the center (virtually during the pandemic) prior to filling out an application to make sure it is a good fit for your family. Call the center at (808) 455-0488 to make an appointment to visit.

Send applications to:
Leeward Community College, Children’s Center,
DA 107, 96-045 Ala ‘Ike, Pearl City, HI 96782

During the summer, send applications to:
Honolulu Community College, Early Childhood Program,
874 Dillingham Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96817

Read USDA Child Care Food Program Non-Pricing Public Release Information


Enrollment priority is given to children whose parents or guardians are students or employees of Leeward Community College. If families from Leeward Community College do not fill the center spaces are given to children of students and employees of other system programs, or to children from the larger community.

A limited number of partial week spaces are available. Priority for partial week spaces is given to Leeward Community College students. If a partial week space is not filled by a Leeward Community College student it will be given to another family.

2022-2023 TUITION
5 days a week $900
3 days a week $680
2 days a week $500
Comp fee for a year $235

We accept funding from external sources: Childcare Connection, Preschool Open Doors, Pauahi Keiki Scholars, etc.

The Children’s Program Philosophy

The program implements a developmental approach to early childhood education and care. The curriculum focuses on all aspects of a child’s growth and development—intellectual, physical, social, and emotional. Children learn through experiences with good equipment and materials and with nurturing, helpful interactions with adults. Many successes are “guaranteed” as children explore the learning environment. They are encouraged to think and to solve problems. Adults offer assistance as needed.

Creativity is emphasized not only through painting and other art activities, but also through play with blocks, story telling and dramatic play.

Language development is enhanced through emphasis on verbal interactions with other children and adults. Reading to children and the availability of writing materials encourages the development of reading and writing.

Materials which serve many purposes such as sand, water and play dough are frequently available. Small muscle coordination is supported through play with toys like beads and Lego. Large muscles are developed through outside play and active games.

Routines such as meals, toileting, diapering, and rest time and a regular schedule for the day help children develop a sense of security.

Healthy relationships are nurtured among children, teachers and families. Adults are kind, but firm. They help children express their feelings, solve conflicts with words and use materials gently. Children learn that the center is a safe place where they can count on adults to treat them with respect and to protect them from harm. We appreciate the dignity, individuality, and culture of each family.

Staff and Contact Info

Dena Akiu
Dena is the lead teacher. She has been a teacher since 2009. She holds BA in early childhood from the University of Hawaii, West Oahu and will complete her Master’s Degree in early childhood in Fall 2021.

Jackie Rabang
Jackie has been a teacher at Leeward’s Children’s Center since 2006. She holds an AS in Early Childhood Education from Honolulu Community College.

Eva Moravcik
Eva has been the site coordinator at Leeward’s Children’s Center since 1994. She holds an MEd in Early Childhood Education from University of Hawaii. She is a professor of early childhood education at Honolulu Community College.


The Children’s Center is located in DA 107, on the ‘Ewa side of campus.

Hours: Monday – Friday: 7:45 am – 3:15 pm 

Phone: (808) 455-0488 (During Fall and Spring semesters)

(808) 845-9466 (Summer)