Registering for Classes

All students should use STAR, a Guided Pathway to Graduation, for course registration. A link to STAR’s Help Center can be found on the site’s landing page. Video tutorials are available on the STAR Help YouTube page. 

Reminder: You must have your TB and immunization health clearance prior to registering for in-person classes.


(January – May 2024)

    • November 6 – First Day of Registration, continuing students
    • November 6 – Early Registration begins, for Continuing Students enrolled in Fall 2021 at any UH Campus. Register via STAR GPS (See  Early Registration Timetable below)
    • November 10 – Spring Registration begins for New, Re-admit and Transfer Students. You’ll receive more information about registering during New Student Orientation (NSO).
    • January 5, 2024, 4:00 pm HST – Payment deadline for Spring 2022 registration unless you enroll in a Payment Plan.

Early Registration Timetable – Spring 2024
Your total credits at home campus and your registration date

    • 36+ credits Monday, November 6
    • 24+ credits Tuesday, November 7
    • 18+ credits Wednesday, November 8
    • 6+ credits Thursday, November 9
    • 0+ credits Friday, November 10

Finding Your Classes: Spring 2024 Class Availability

Finding Your Classes

Keep your Student record updated

Meet with my academic advisor

  • Make sure you’re going to meet all of your degree requirements.

Keep your student record updated.

How do I add classes?

Adding classes is done online via STAR. For How To…see the STAR videos. If the class is closed, the instructor’s approval is required in order to enroll.

Give your instructor your UH ID. Once faculty approval is secured, you must still register for the course either via STAR. All deadlines related to adding are on the Academic Calendar or the Part of Term table for modular/accelerated courses.

What are canceled classes?

For information on canceled classes, please check the class status lists posted and updated daily on the website. Notices will also be posted at the scheduled meeting place for each class that has been canceled.

What is a "wait list"?

Some classes offer a Wait List. If the class is closed when you register but has the WAIT LIST designation, click on the large “W” to be added to that class’s Wait List. You’ll be notified by email if a seat opens up. You need to confirm that you still want the class to be registered via STAR within 24 hours of the email notification.

What is the attendance policy?

Students are expected to attend all sessions of the classes for which they are registered. It is the student’s responsibility to contact instructors regarding any absence. The acceptance of the reason for the absence is at the discretion of the instructor. If a student is unable to speak directly to the instructor regarding absences from class meetings, messages may be left on the instructor’s voice mail or email. For the instructor’s contact information, see the course outline handed out during the first week, or call the appropriate division office. Class attendance by persons not properly registered is prohibited. Any unofficial attendance does not provide a basis for a later claim of registration or credit.

What is the erase/withdrawal period?

Classes dropped during the erase period will not appear on the student’s permanent academic record. Deadlines for the erase period are listed on the Academic Calendar or in Part of Term. Classes from which students withdraw after the erase period will appear on the student’s permanent academic record with a “W” notation.

What happens if my personal information changes?

Complete and submit a Student Data Change Form at the Admissions and Records Office in AD 220 (during renovations located at DH-A 108) if you have a change of name, change of major, or permanent change of address. Mailing address changes may be made from your MyUH Services.

When is commencement?

Students who earned a degree or certificate during Fall  are encouraged to participate in the Spring Commencement Ceremony.

Keep your Student record updated

Meet with my academic advisor

  • Make sure you’re going to meet all of your degree requirements.

Keep your student record updated.

How do I drop classes?

Dropping classes is also accomplished via STAR. All deadlines related to dropping semester-long courses are on the Academic Calendar; for Part of Term (accelerated or modular courses), refer to the Part of Term Table.

As soon as you know you will not be attending a class, you should officially drop it so that you won’t receive a failing grade. A grade of “F” may be issued to students for courses they are no longer attending but have not officially dropped. A grade of “W” will be issued to students for courses they officially drop by the deadline. You are responsible for paying for your tuition and fees for the courses you are enrolled in regardless if you are attending or not. Details on dropping all your classes.

For Part of Term (modular or accelerated) courses, which have different start and end dates, that are completed, the appropriate grade as assigned by the instructor will be recorded on your permanent academic record. Critical deadlines for this course are in the Part of Term table.

What are closed classes?

Closed classes are those that are already filled to capacity. Check the website for daily updates. In order to enroll in a closed class, a student must first get the approval of the faculty member and then must register for the class using their MyUH account.

How do I make payments? What are the payment deadlines?

Details on payment deadlines and how to make payments   

What are part of term classes?

After the late registration period is completed, students may still register for Part of Term courses. The Late Registration fee is applicable if this is an initial registration for the semester after the late registration period is over.

How do I completely withdraw from classes?

Dropping all Leeward CC Courses
Complete withdrawal from the college requires students to process a “Complete Withdrawal” form at the Admissions Office by the posted deadline. Dropping all your classes CAN NOT be done online via MyUH. Leeward CC will only drop Leeward courses. If you are also enrolled in courses from other UH campuses, drop those courses from your MyUH Services by the appropriate deadline.

For Part of Term courses (modular or accelerated courses which have different start and end dates) that are completed, the appropriate grade as assigned by the instructor will be recorded on your permanent academic record.

How to check my degree/certificate?

Students expecting to graduate should make an appointment in the Counseling and Advisement Office to see a counselor for a degree/certificate check, then pay the $15 degree/certificate fee at the Cashier Window by the appropriate deadline.

Registration Info

Hawai’i high school juniors and seniors may register for courses on a space-available basis. For further admission information and assistance, contact your high school counselor. 

Running Start Students
Through a special arrangement between the State Department of Education and the University of Hawai’i, public high school juniors and seniors may register for selected Leeward CC courses. Students who successfully complete the course will earn college credit as well as satisfy high school graduation requirements. For more information contact your high school counselor.

Please contact Admissions and Records for semester-specific dates.

Disregard any other assigned registration appointment date and time printed or written on any registration materials you receive or are issued.

Deadlines to process the tuition waiver forms on-line or in-person at the Leeward CC’s Cashier’s Office is the first day of classes. Tuition Waivers presented after these dates will not be processed.

Senior citizens who qualify for the Hawaii Senior Citizen Visitor status should contact the Admissions and Records Office in AD 220 (during renovations located at DH-A 108) for application and registration information. Senior Citizen Visitor status is not offered for summer sessions.

Senior Citizen Visitor Program
Eligible senior citizens may attend Leeward CC without payment of tuition and fees as a “visitor” and must “register” for classes after the regular tuition-paying students have completed their registration. Senior citizens may attend Leeward Community College on “visitor” status if space is available and if they meet these conditions:

  1. Sixty years of age or older at or prior to the first day of the semester.
  2. A resident of the State of Hawai’i as prescribed by the University’s definition of residency.
  3. Meet the prerequisites for admission and for enrollment in a course.

Senior citizens may also take courses as auditors. Admissions requirements are the same as for other applicants. The Senior Citizen Visitor Program does not apply during the Summer Session. All tuition waiver programs are subject to change due to legislative action. Contact the Admissions and Records Office for information and application forms.

Senior citizens must abide by the UH Student Conduct Code.

To Change Residency Status for Tuition Purposes
If you are currently a nonresident but have established permanent residency in Hawai’i, you may petition for a change in residence status. Please iinquire at the Admissions and Records Office, room AD 220 (during renovations located at DH-A 108), for details and deadline information.

Registration Prerequisites


A prerequisite is a course that must be successfully taken or set of skills required before enrolling in another course. Before registering, students should verify that they have met any prerequisites listed in the schedule of courses for the classes in which they wish to enroll. Students who believe that they meet the prerequisite through other learning or experience, please see a counselor, division chair, or appropriate Dean for clearance prior to registration.

Transfer Student Prerequisite Clearance
If you have completed the equivalent of an Leeward CC prerequisite at another college or campus:

  • For transcript evaluation, send an official transcript to the Admissions and Records Office and complete the Leeward CC Transcript Evaluation Request Form. If you took the Math or English placement tests at another community college in the UH System, send an official copy of your test scores to the Leeward Counseling Office. (Math and English scores are valid only for 2 years.)
  • At least two days before visiting registration, visit the Counseling Office at AD 208 (during renovations DH-C) for your prerequisite clearance form.

If you did not complete the procedure above but completed equivalent prerequisites at another college(s), take a student copy of your transcript or grade report to one of the following offices:

  • For English: Language Arts Division Office, LA201; M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm; (808) 455-0330
  • For Math: Math/Science Division Office, BS 106A; M-F, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm; (808) 455-0252
  • At Leeward CC-Wai‘anae: Phone: (808) 454-4702

Waiver of Prerequisite
If you do not meet a prerequisite, but believe that you do meet the prerequisite through other learning or experience, please see the appropriate instructor, program coordinator, Division Chair, or appropriate academic Dean.

Late and After Registration

Late Registration

The late registration period for semester-long courses each semester begins on Monday and ends on Friday at 11:59 pm of the first week of instruction. For courses that meet on Saturday and Sunday, late registration is accepted on the following Monday at the Admissions and Records Office. Access to MyUH for registration purposes is disabled early Saturday morning by Banner Central.

To accommodate student and instructor requests for exceptions to the official late registration period, the College has adopted the following late registration procedure:

    • the official i.e. Banner late registration period is maintained at 1 week
    • an unofficial i.e. Leeward late registration “window” is created. It lasts until the end of the third week of the semester.*Students are required to get the instructor’s approval via the Late Registration Card available from A&R beginning the second week of instruction. *Instructors must sign and date the Card and input Capacity override approval for a closed class via their MyUH account if necessary-not through Laulima. Registration into the course is done at the Admissions and Records Office windows by the student no later than 3:00 P.M on Friday of the third week of instruction. In addition to any tuition and fees, A and R will charge the $5 change of registration fee;
    • beginning with the fourth week of the semester, NO appeals will be accepted-with or without instructor approval.

Instructors can assist students in avoiding registration problems by checking their MyUH class rosters often-especially during the first three weeks of the semester when dropping and adding classes is occurring. Reminder: Laulima is the University of Hawaii’s online Collaboration and Learning Environment for use in online and web-enhanced (hybrid) classes. Laulima provides instructors and students with access to course content and communication tools for interaction between the instructor and students within the course Adding or dropping a student in Laulima does not affect the official student record. The student is required to add or drop a course through their MyUH account

After Registration

Registration into a course obligates you financially and academically even if you do not attend any classes or make payment by applicable deadlines. If payment in full is not received or you have not enrolled in the payment plan by the published deadline, the University of Hawai’i reserves the right to cancel your registration and place a financial hold on your student account which may deny you any further services such as future registration, transcripts, verification of student status request, etc.

All registered students will be liable for all applicable tuition and other related fees whether or not they attend those classes. Students are advised to officially withdraw from the classes they do not plan to attend. Failure to withdraw may result in a financial obligation and a failing grade. The college has the right to disenroll students for non-payment.

Note: Students have not completed their registration until they have paid tuition and fees in full. Copies of the receipt are available from the Cashier at $2.00 per copy.

Transfer Programs

Starting your four year degree at Leeward is a smart choice. You’ll save money, have smaller classes, and with careful planning, the transfer will be smooth. The most important thing to do is meet with a counselor to be sure you’re taking the right courses for your intended transfer!

UH Manoa: Check out the Ka’ie’ie Program
Contact Amy McKee.
Amy is available on Leeward’s campus most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. Her office number is (808) 455-0523 or schedule an appointment via  STAR Balance.

UH West Oahu: Contact Larry Andres.

UH Hilo: Contact Jennifer Naguwa.

We have a unique partnership with a growing number of mainland institutions. Discover our Interstate Passport program, allowing you to take your credits with you!

Online Bachelors Degree from UHM College of Social Science
A growing number of options are available! Our newest is the partnership with UH Manoa’s College of Social Science. Explore the possibilities of a smooth transfer from Leeward to Manoa. #L2M

Western Governors University
Leeward is an active partner with Western Governors University (WGU). As a competency-based, student-focused, online, nonprofit university, WGU is designed with students in mind—particularly, the busy, working, adult student who wants to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree but for whom a traditional university education simply won’t do. Discover the benefits of WGU

Keep your Student record updated

Meet with my academic advisor

  • Make sure you’re going to meet all of your degree requirements.

Keep your student record updated.

AA as Exploratory

Exploratory programs provide you the opportunity to become acquainted with potential careers or majors of your interests. You may stay on the exploratory track until you have completed 24 credit hours toward your AA Liberal Arts degree, at which time you will be required to select a more specific academic track by contacting your counselor. Once you learn your strengths and interests, you can narrow your focus to a specific area in fields such as nursing, psychology, history, accounting, art, etc.

Agreements with other colleges
Leeward CC Articulation Agreements to UHWO

University of Hawai‘i–West O‘ahu Mānanawai
To provide student access to and promote success in certificate and degree opportunities through UHWO and Leeward CC for students in career and technical education and liberal arts programs and to expand student options for college-level success and curriculum by expanding on-campus services from UHWO and Leeward CC.

AS in Business Technology to BA in General Business Administration
To facilitate a smooth transition for students from the Leeward CC AS in Business Technology program to UHWO Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with concentrations in General Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Management, or Finance.

AS in Business Technology to BA in Public Administration
To facilitate a smooth transition for students from the Leeward CC AS in Business Technology program to UHWO Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration with concentrations in General Public Administration, Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management Health Care Administration, and Justice Administration.

AS in Accounting to BA in Business Administration
To facilitate the transfer of AS in Accounting students at Leeward CC to the UHWO Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with concentrations in General Business Administration or Accounting.

AS in Teaching to Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Elementary Program
Students who graduate from Leeward CC with the articulated AAT degree will meet all general education requirements for the B.Ed.

AS in Teaching to Bachelor in Education in Middle Level/Secondary Program
To facilitate a smooth transition for students from the Leeward CC AA in Teaching program to the UHWO Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Middle Level/Secondary program. Students who graduate from Leeward CC with an AAT degree will meet all general education requirements for the B.Ed. degree.

Certificate in Applied Forensic Anthropology – a joint program
To facilitate the movement of students in the Certificate of Applied Forensic Anthropology program, jointly offered by Leeward CC and UHWO.

Other Agreements in UH System

UHCC Culinary Arts Programs
To provide a mechanism that will enable students who enroll in a Culinary Arts Program at any of the UHCCs to receive college credits for the mastery of the program and student learning outcomes gained in courses taken at another Culinary Arts Program from a CC who is a party in this agreement.

University of Hawai‘i–Mānoa Ka‘ie‘ie Program
To help students transfer smoothly and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree within a total of four years, or the equivalent in part-time attendance, to provide mandatory advising and academic planning to students, and to provide students the opportunity to take courses at one or both institutions while working closely with advisors to identify the most efficient path to graduation and the best time to transfer.

UH at Mānoa – Art Department
To provide course articulation between the UHCCs and UH at Mānoa Art Department.

Agreements with Other Colleges and Programs

Ashford University
To enable Leeward CC students who transfer to Ashford University to carry the credit they have already earned for as much relevant study as possible.

Chaminade University of Honolulu for Elementary and Secondary Licensure Programs
This agreement was developed to allow students studying for the AAT at Leeward CC to have certain courses at Leeward CC apply toward meeting established degree and/or certificate requirements in the Education Division of Chaminade University of Honolulu.

Johnson & Wales University for Culinary Arts
To provide a smooth transition between the AAS in Culinary Arts at Leeward CC to the BS in Culinary Arts & Food Service Management at Johnson & Wales University.

University of Phoenix
To accomplish students’ transition between associate and baccalaureate degrees between Leeward CC and University of Phoenix including the transfer of all credits from associate degrees to the University of Phoenix.

Hawai‘i Job Corps Center in Automotive Technology Program
To award “transfer” credits for Leeward CC courses for students who have graduated from the NATEF-Certified Automotive Technician Program at Hawai‘i Job Corps Center.

Hawai‘i Job Corps Center in Culinary Arts Program
To award “transfer” credits for Leeward CC courses for students who complete the Hawai‘i Job Corps Center Hospitality-Culinary Arts Program.

Email a counselor
Keep your Student record updated

Meet with my academic advisor

  • Make sure you’re going to meet all of your degree requirements.

Keep your student record updated.

Choosing a major

Helpful resources on selecting a major and making the most of your first two years…

How much you'll save

Starting your 4 years here at Leeward is a smart choice. Take a look at the cost comparisons and see how much you’ll save. What could you do with an extra $34,000?

Transfer Programs by Major

Business Students
Leeward’s Accounting and Business Technology programs have transfer agreements with both UH West Oahu and Hawaii Pacific University. The Academic Subject Certificate in Business is highly recommended for transfer to UH Mānoa’s College of Business Administration. 

Contact Joy Lane at (808) 455-0344 more detailed information.

Information and Computer Science Students
Leeward CC is currently the only Oahu community college campus with an Associate in Science Degree in Computer Science. Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in computer science may begin by earning an Associate in Arts degree with an 
Academic Subject Certificate in ICS for ease in transferring to a four-year institution. A counselor or ICS Faculty Advisor can help you to select appropriate courses.
Contact Heather Takamatsu at (808) 455-0443 for more detailed information.

Teacher Education Students
Associate of Arts in Teaching program has transfer agreements with UH Manoa, UH West Oahu, and Chaminade University.

Contact Jean StavRue-Peʻahi at (808) 455-0392 for more detailed information.

Engineering Students, STEM Fields, and Related Sciences
ASNS is the perfect start. You’ll save time and money!

Contact Heather Takamatsu at (808) 455-0443 for details.

Plant Biology Students
Details to be posted.

Registration Grading Options

Grading Options Credit

No Credit Options and Auditing Classes
For some courses, students may elect to audit the class or receive a grade of Credit or No Credit, rather than a letter grade. Consult with a counselor for assistance before selecting one of those options. If you want to change the grading option, visit the Credit/No Credit Options, Auditing Courses tutorial.

Auditing Courses

Students are permitted to audit classes with the written approval of the instructor. The student will process appropriate forms with the Leeward CC Admissions and Records Office during the Late Registration period only.

Although no credits are earned for courses audited, regular tuition and fees must be paid by auditors. The instructor will determine the extent of classroom participation required of auditors. Auditors are not usually allowed in laboratory science, mathematics, elementary and intermediate foreign languages, English composition, speech, vocational/technical classes in which the auditor might take the place of credit students.

Auditors must abide by the UH Student Conduct Code.