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Mónica Vidal

Language Arts
LA-210 Office Phone: (808) 455-0335
Campus Committee Membership

Due to conflicting schedules, I was unable to join the Campus Council as the Lecturer Representative when Taylor Tashiro announced the opportunity. We tried to no avail. I hope to take part in other campus committees in the future as I’m a lecturer with the vision to be tenured faculty.

Other Responsibilities and Activities

Teaching Squares

Subjects Taught

ESL 1A Beginning Speaking and Listening for Speakers of Other Languages (SOL)
ESL 7B High Intermediate Listening and Speaking for (SOL) (Currently, Fall 2022)
ENG 16 Fundamentals of Reading + Writing (Currently, Fall 2022)
LSK 110 College Success Strategies
ELI 97M Introduction to College for SOL
ELI 98R Reading and Writing II
ELI 97S Speaking and Listening
ELI 10B High Intermediate Grammar
ELI 10D Pronunciation 1
ELI 20D Pronunciation 2
ELI 30B High Intermediate Reading + Writing
ELI 30C High Intermediate Grammar
ELI 40B Advanced Reading + Writing
ELI 40D American Culture 2

IS 54 Introduction to College
ESOL 50 Intensive ESOL 1
ESOL 52 Intensive ESOL 2

SLS 408 Bilingual Education
SLS 303 Second Language Teaching

ELI 70 Listening Comprehension I
ELI 80 Listening Comprehension II

FR 202 Intermediate French (Currently, Fall 2022)
FR 201 Intermediate French
FR 102 Elementary French

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish
SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish

“New” classes I’ll be teaching in the Spring of 2023:
ENG 22 Introduction to Composition
ENG 100 Composition I
ESL 10B: Essentials of English Grammar

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