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Campus Information On Coronavirus

The Safety Of Our Community Is Our Priority

These are key highlights from the Interim University of Hawai‘i COVID-19 guidelines (Updated March 31, 2022):

  • The University of Hawaiʻi 10-campus system is indefinitely suspending the UH COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policies for students and employees.
  • The daily COVID-19 health screening via the LumiSight UH health app is no longer required (including visitors attending campus events, unless indicated for specific events).
  • Face masks are no longer required outdoors, including outdoor campus events.
  • Effective Wednesday, May 25, face masks are once again required indoors across the University of Hawaiʻi System, except when working alone or separated from others by 6 feet or more.
    • Instructors or presenters may remove their masks while teaching, provided that they maintain 6 feet distance from others.
    • Campus officials may further specify areas where face masks are required to enhance safety. Some courses—clinicals, labs, performing arts, fieldwork (and facilities) – may require vaccination without exception because safe physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, stay home and isolate for at least 5 days (until you are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and your symptoms are improving).
  • All campuses shall clearly designate and publish their designated campus official(s) for students, employees, and visitors to report to if they:
    • have tested positive for COVID-19;
    • are suspected of having COVID-19 based on their symptoms, or history of prolonged contact with an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19; or
    • are subject to quarantine.
  • Full or Up-to-date vaccination for employees and students in specific UH programs or courses (i.e., medical, nursing, social work, dental hygiene, allied health, etc.) where they are embedded within partner institutions that require vaccination. Officers will determine which programs may require student, faculty, or patient vaccination status.
  • We strongly recommend that you stay home when feeling ill, whether with COVID-19 or not, to recover and prevent community spread.

Read the latest UH News article, posted on March 23, 2022, about updated UH COVID-19 Guidelines.


View the full interim University of Hawai‘i COVID-19 Guidelines for the latest information.


Reports are posted to provide transparency on our use and stewardship of all CARES, CRRSA, ARP Act funding.

COVID-19 Student Resources

Class Schedules

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most of our classes are being offered online or through hybrid delivery. Please check our schedule of classes to see how the classes you are planning to take are being offered.

If you are receiving VA benefits, hybrid courses and courses with a C19 designation qualify as “in-person” or face-to-face classes.