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Robert Oshita

Professional Arts & Technology
GT-107 Office Phone: (808) 455-0387
Campus Committee Membership

Strategic Planning Design Team
Curriculum Committee
Observatory Committee
Health and Wellness Committee

Other Responsibilities and Activities

University of Hawaii Student Media Board: Board Member, (Subcommittees: Finance, Personnel, and Strategic Planning) and Farrington High School: Creative Arts & Technology Academy Advisory Board

Subjects Taught

DMED 130 Pre-Production: Digital Video
DMED 131 Introduction to Digital Video
DMED 133 Sound Design for Digital Media
DMED 150 Film Analysis & Storytelling
DMED 235 Digital Video Pre-Production for Web
DMED 236 Advanced Digital Video for Web
DMED 251 Media Entrepreneurship
DMED 261 Digital Media Marketing and Online Distribution
TVPR 151 Introduction to Film & Video Editing Principles
TVPR 251 Applied Film & Video Editing & Post-production Audio
TVPR 294 Advanced Editing & Audio

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