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John Signor

Arts and Humanities
FA 116, Room 127 (LCCWM) Office Phone: (808) 455-0212
Campus Committee Membership

SEED Ideas Grant Committee, Kani Kuola UH System Music Festival Planning Committee

Other Responsibilities and Activities

Music performance activities/events on campus, including (22/23): Kani Kuola Music Festival, The Lullbay Project, Commencement, Makalapua Leeward Theatre production, Elements Dance Concert UHM, East West Center presentation, etc.

Subjects Taught

MUS 104, MUS 106, MUS 107, MUS 108, MUS 112, MUS 113, MUS 121C, MUS 121F, MUS 121Z, MUS 199, MUS 232C, MUS 253

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